Belius eCosmetics is born from ambition; the ambition to create something that nobody else is doing in this country. Our motto is “Beautiful as nature” and in this simple sentence we base our entire philosophy. We want to get to the public a lipstick free of chemicals, with ingredients that do not come from plants whose DNA has been modified or in which chemical fertilizers or pesticides have been used. We want hydrated lips without paraffins and without synthetic dyes and of course without making any animal suffer; hence our lipsticks are Vegans.

I could tell you a beautiful story, how one day the project arose, but there is not. Behind Belius there is only hope, desire and of course a lot of work to bring to market a lipstick of these characteristics: ecological and vegan.


Our vision of cosmetics is about bringing high quality products to everyone. The origin of the ingredients used is organic and we do not use any product of animal origin. Our philosophy is to use the best materials trying to create the least environmental impact and without any animal suffering in the creation of our lipstick.


Our goal is to make your lips look incredible so you can sketch your best smile, knowing that no component of the lipstick is of animal origin and that it only contains natural ingredients, most of which are organic. For your safety we have two certifiers that guarantee our product (Ecocert and V-label).







Our colors stand out for their matte finish, they are very durable and adapt very well to sensitive skin.


We have selected the best ingredients of the highest quality. All natural and from organic farming. Its combination results in a spectacular lipstick, with a matte finish and a long-lasting color, but which also cares for and moisturizes the lips. In the corresponding section we talk in detail about each of them.